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Free and user-friendly, our cloud-based solution offers efficiency and speed. Save 30-50% on staff costs and time with live customizable reports available 24/7. Simplify dispute and litigation resolution with easy, one-button document retrieval. Accessible on mobile devices, it ensures secure data, staff productivity and analytics.

Test RenPro sandbox with demo data to learn/experiment

Explore the RenPro sandbox using demo data to learn and experiment with its features and functionalities. This hands-on approach allows you to gain practical experience and better understand how RenPro can be utilized effectively.

  • No credit card required
  • Free for up to 20 units
  • Free 120 day account for larger portfolios
  • Setting up a free account is quick and easy

Successfully used and improved over 15 years by a property manager for internal use


Discover the powerful features that make our product stand out. Our tool is designed with a modern aesthetic, easy customization options, and seamless mobile compatibility. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our features are crafted to enhance your experience and meet your unique needs. Explore more below.

  • Tenant lease details
  • Pet information and records
  • Grouped tenancy data linked
  • Renters insurance for liability protection

  • Manage tenant leases
  • Customizable marketing websiteUPCOMING
  • Automated prospect feedbackUPCOMING
  • Advertising automation/syndicationUPCOMING
  • Support for individual appointmentsUPCOMING
  • Appointment reminders and follow upsUPCOMING
  • Prospects self-register for scheduled showingsUPCOMING

  • Customizable online application
  • Roommates & guarantor invites
  • Credit reportsUPCOMING
  • Lease generationUPCOMING
  • Digital signatureUPCOMING
  • Underwriting analyticsUPCOMING
  • Automated status updates to applicantsUPCOMING

  • Automated correspondence follow upUPCOMING
  • Eviction/nuisance documentationUPCOMING
  • ReportsUPCOMING
  • Upload files, picture, audio and/or videosUPCOMING
  • Digital correspondences related to each incident reportUPCOMING
  • Security camera integration to research incidentsUPCOMING

  • Customizable templates for every useUPCOMING
  • Customizable mass or individual emailsUPCOMING
  • Automated scheduled on scheduleUPCOMING
  • Full record keeping easily searched and filteredUPCOMING
  • Reminders, surveys, notices etcUPCOMING

  • Upload pictures and/or videosUPCOMING
  • Detailed building inspectionsUPCOMING
  • Unit move-in, pre-moveout, move-out, ready-to-rent inspectionsUPCOMING
  • Geo-taggedUPCOMING

  • User access control
  • Digital records, easily searched and filtered under management
  • Security integrationUPCOMING
  • Crowdsourced security camera accessUPCOMING

  • Comparison reportsUPCOMING

  • ReportsUPCOMING
  • Generate work orderUPCOMING
  • Priority system for schedulingUPCOMING
  • Drag-and-drop vendor schedulingUPCOMING
  • Direct vendor invoice uploads relatedUPCOMING
  • Ai support to assign priority and select vendorUPCOMING
  • Workorder calendar visibility, by building and vendorUPCOMING
  • Assign workorders directly to vendor, from your listUPCOMING

Easy, fast, it ensures secure data, with geolocation feature, and branding for your organization.

Benefits of Powerful Cloud based Property Management Software

Marketing & Leasing

Creating a beautiful property management website has never been easier. Simply add your content (text, photos, video, logo, etc) and we will take care of the rest. No coding required!

Unit & Property Inspections

Use digital work orders, and unit inspections to add contemporaneous records in case of disputes.

Tenant Requests & Work orders

Let tenants submit and track maintenance requests. Create work orders from tenant requests and assign them to vendors to completion.

Analytics & Growth

Get real time Analytics for each visitor of your website. Learn how long visitors stay on your site, what they click and where they are visiting from.

Communication & Service

Send and track all your tenant related emails from one simple dashboard. Get in depth email statistics to track opens and clicks. Maintain an easily searched record of all communications sent to tenants.


Our team has decades of experience building real estate management software and understand everyone has a different approach to their market. We have built Jazz to be customizable to suit the needs of your company, from single family homes to large commercial properties.


Kevin Kumana
Director of Operations

We've been using the precursor to RentPro for years. It makes our jobs so much easier. It's clearly designed from a user's perspective and from a deep background in Bay Area property management and tenant laws. I've checked competitors annually and find that all their best features, and more, get added to our software on a periodic basis.

Phil Rooss
Maintenance Coordinator

The RentPro user interface is straightforward and easy to use. It has all the necessary functions to manage complex work processes in a simplified manner.

Maria Smantha
Web Developer

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